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I am resending the info below because we have had a number of families join the team since our parent meeting. Please disregard if you already received this info:

Jobs/Meet Sign-ups: You must declare your swimmer for every meet. The deadline for a Wednesday meet is Monday at noon and the deadline for a Saturday meet is Thursday at noon to give our coaches time to make the meet sheets. If you do not declare your swimmer, the coaches will assume they are not swimming. If you know they are not swimming it is helpful to mark them as not attending because it saves our coaches the time of asking. Job sign-ups are in the same spot as meet sign-ups. If you need help with the process click HERE for a walkthrough. This walkthrough is also on the team website.

Communication: Coach Kelly will use the Remind app again this year to communicate about practices and any important information. This is a new group from last year so everyone needs to sign up again. To do this just send a text to 81010 and text the message @willows202 and you will be added. Coach emails are on the website but if you need to reach out about practices this is the best way.

If you are not a member of the Willows Swim Team Facebook Group please join by clicking HERE. A lot of information is also posted to the group.

Parent Handbook: The parent handbook is located on the team site and has all the information for the season, email addresses, conference qualifying times, etc. You can also access it by clicking HERE.

Meet Schedules: There are a few oddities to the meet schedule this year so please make sure you look at the dates and venues properly. We have a few meets that are technically away meets but we are hosting them at The Willows. We will be the away team but are just providing the venue. There is also one meet on a Sunday morning which is not the norm.

If you have any questions please reach out to [email protected] Thanks!

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